On Grammar

In the interest of improving my writing, I have registered for an online writing class through edX.org: Write 101x English Grammar and Style. While it’s offered by an Australian university (UQ, the University of Queensland), and thus the rules and spellings will be a little different, I’m excited about it.

It actually started this week on Monday the 22nd. I’ve completed the assignments for week 1, including the blog post (coming soon). So far, the only differences I’ve noticed have been in spellings. Australians use mostly British spellings: glamour instead of glamor for example. (That particular example isn’t a problem for me. I use glamour already, though it’s usually in the context of fantasy fiction.) I’ve already learned several things I didn’t know. One of which is the subject of my coming blog post.

As part of the course, we are required to write a blog post every other week. I’ve decided to post mine here, but not until after the due date (29 September for the first one). I will probably write a post on the off weeks as well, just to share what I’ve learned. Also because I want to be more active in posting on this blog. Win/win.


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