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Immigrating Children

I did warn you politics would come up. The issue I feel led to talk about today isn’t a political one, though many are viewing/treating it as such. It’s a simple matter of humanity, of how we treat each other.

Anyone who has watched the news this week has heard about the separation of families at the southern border of the United States. (I can’t imagine this isn’t getting worldwide coverage.) I first heard about this on Twitter about two, maybe three, weeks ago. I didn’t want to believe it at first. I mean, D.C. is full of assholes but most of them have some shred of humanity. Surely they wouldn’t take children away from their parents.

Then the pictures started showing up. Some of them made me want to throw up; they all made me want to cry. That is why I haven’t said anything before now. As I type this, just thinking about the images – both pictures and videos – is bringing tears to my eyes. How could anyone be so cruel? To a child??

I still ask that question.

I still don’t have an answer. Not a reasonable one anyway.

So many families have been separated, so many children are living apart from their families. Some are just babies; 8 months was the youngest age I heard mentioned on PBS NewsHour last night (21 June 2018). Children that young who have been separated from their parents are likely to experience life-long hardships (as stated in this NewsHour article from 18 June). This is something we have known for years (2012 study published in Pediatrics).

Given this knowledge, it’s not a stretch to call this child abuse.


Making Plans

Once the redesign/reboot is finished, I’m hoping to blog more regularly. I can’t make any promises due to the nature of depression, but I will try.

I want to post at least twice a week, and preferably three or more times per week. I’m not yet sure what I will post about, and whether the posts will be more personal or business in nature. As an author blog, I’d like to have a mix of both, but have the focus be towards the business end. I may have to take a poll to learn what people want to see from me.

In addition to the normal posts, I am also hoping to post at least one story per month. Most of these will be flash fiction (500 words or less). Some may be longer, depending, of course, on inspiration and ideas.

Oh, and just as a warning: politics is likely to come up at some point. Which should come as no surprise given the state of things in my country, the United States. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook already know where I stand as I am not remotely silent on the issues there (especially Twitter).

Long Time, No Blog

Wow, has it been a while! The past few months – okay, nearly six months – have been… interesting. I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life, not the least of which is my having become an aunt again. My newest niece was born just before Christmas. She’s had some health issues, but seems to be improving as of late. (Fingers crossed this continues!) That’s my biggest and best news. As for the rest, well, read on…

I am clinically depressed, have been for many years. And once or twice a year – at least for the past few years – it likes to jump up and bite me on the bum. That happened a bit less than a week after my last post. I’m just now pulling myself back out of that pit fully. It’s a long, hard climb. I’ve had more than a few false starts since last fall. Some days, I’ve felt almost normal. Others… It’s been a chore to even wake up. But! I’m putting all that behind me now. I am determined not to let depression win. I will come out on top. I will!


And now, on to some news…

  • I have been published! My short story, “Soul Call”, is in the anthology, Romancing the Story, which released on December 23rd. Currently, it is only available for kindle. I don’t yet know if there are plans to release it in other formats. I will let you all know when I know.
  • As a part of my effort to defeat depression, I am doing more writing. I want to start writing one short story a week. (Okay, more than one. One that I plan to post here.) I’m going to attempt to use the Flash Fiction Challenges that Chuck Wendig (warning: strong language – and lots of it) posts on his blog every Friday. I won’t use these every week, but I will do at least two a month. This week’s challenge is to write a story using 100 words or less. Wish me luck.
  • I am going to start a regular blogging schedule. I will post every week on Tuesday and Friday. My plan is to post a story every Friday. The Tuesday posts will be varied, and may be random gibberish. Hopefully not, but there is that chance. If I have nothing to talk about that week, well, random gibberish it is!