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Immigrating Children

I did warn you politics would come up. The issue I feel led to talk about today isn’t a political one, though many are viewing/treating it as such. It’s a simple matter of humanity, of how we treat each other.

Anyone who has watched the news this week has heard about the separation of families at the southern border of the United States. (I can’t imagine this isn’t getting worldwide coverage.) I first heard about this on Twitter about two, maybe three, weeks ago. I didn’t want to believe it at first. I mean, D.C. is full of assholes but most of them have some shred of humanity. Surely they wouldn’t take children away from their parents.

Then the pictures started showing up. Some of them made me want to throw up; they all made me want to cry. That is why I haven’t said anything before now. As I type this, just thinking about the images – both pictures and videos – is bringing tears to my eyes. How could anyone be so cruel? To a child??

I still ask that question.

I still don’t have an answer. Not a reasonable one anyway.

So many families have been separated, so many children are living apart from their families. Some are just babies; 8 months was the youngest age I heard mentioned on PBS NewsHour last night (21 June 2018). Children that young who have been separated from their parents are likely to experience life-long hardships (as stated in this NewsHour article from 18 June). This is something we have known for years (2012 study published in Pediatrics).

Given this knowledge, it’s not a stretch to call this child abuse.


Roleplaying, Gaming, and Other Forms of Insanity

I was originally going to do my twice weekly posts on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but my dear husband pointed out that those were not good days for blogging. Those are my two busiest days of the week. Why? See title.

Wednesdays are D&D days. I attend one of the local D&D Encounters groups on Wednesday evening. We generally try to get to the game store early so as to avoid driving during rush hour. Asheville (North Carolina) may be a relatively small city, but rush hour traffic still sucks. It’s not so bad going into town, which is, thankfully, the way we go to the game store on the far side of town. At least it’s not driving I-26 or I-40 out of town, both of which get rather congested – and slow to a crawl – during rush hour. For those reasons, I’m away from home for most of every Wednesday.

Saturdays are Pokemon days. My husband and I run the local Pokemon League, and have for right around eleven years. When we started the League, we had our own store and ran it there. After we had to close (due to health issues, mostly), we ran it where ever we could: one of the county libraries, a rec center, and finally, another game store owned by a friend. Unfortunately, his store was too small for our growing League, though we made do for quite a while. Once that store closed, it was back to libraries and other such places. Until we found the game store where we currently hold League. We’ve been there since 2009 or so. (Anyone who remembers more accurately, feel free to correct me in the comments.) Just last year (or maybe the year before), Pokemon started adding something called “League Challenges” to the end of each League season. So while League is held for four hours every Saturday, we have a League Challenge every six weeks or so. On those days, we try to get there shortly after the store opens and stay until close to closing time – generally between seven and eight hours.

Both Wednesday and Saturday are spent at Hillside Games. The owners are supportive of Pokemon League (it brings them sales after all). And one of them even participates in D&D Encounters, though he just started with the current season.

I had more to add to this, but as I should be asleep already (it’s a bit after 2 am on a Wednesday), I’ll leave it here for now. Next week, hopefully, will have part two. (Also, I’ll add relevant links to this post before then. Probably on Thursday sometime.)